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River Song Cosplayer Photo Op @ Dragon Con

There's still spots open for the River Song cosplay photo op at Dragon*Con!

The event is here:

If you cannot or will not access Facebook - private message me if you'd like to be involved!!! :)


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RIVER SONG - I have SA items

Hello sweeties! :)

I have the following 100% screen accurate items:

- Ovid shoes: size 6
- Zeeda: size 8
- Anina belt: size L

I want to TRADE. I am not (ATM) looking for cash. I want to trade for other SA items. I *only* cosplay River. Don't message me with Amy stuff. :) The following is a list of things I don't have. If you have one and want to trade for one of the above. Please PM me.

I'm also including the items that aren't yet spotted. If you have know what any of those are, let me know!!!

Multiple episodes
: Computer Scanner (custom)

Forest of the Dead
: Donna Karan Cardigan
: Amanda Wakely Dress
: White Shoes (unspotted)

Time of Angels
: Bianca 140 Pumps in Merlot
: Dress (custom)
: Sunglasses (unspotted)
: DA38 Derringer
: Purse (unspotted)

Flesh and Stone:
: Tokyo Marui airsoft Hi-Capa 4.3
: Spacey Handcuffs (custom)
: British army issue boots (exact issue unspotted)

The Pandorica Opens
: Cleopatra outfit! (custom)

The Pandorica Opens 3
: Multi Flower Butterfly Crystal Gold Tone Ring s1186
: Dress (unspotted)
: Earring (unspotted)
: Hair Piece (unspotted)

The Big Bang
: Diesel Gisil Jacket
: Riding Boots (unspotted)
: Teardrop Pearl Earring (unspotted)
: Trousers (unspotted)
: Faux Fur Vest (unspotted)

The Big Bang 2
: Big coat (unspotted)

The Impossible Astronaut 1
: 2 tank tops (unspotted)
: trousers (bdu?)
: combat boots (unspotted)

The Impossible Astronaut 2
: Western Holster in chocolate
: Levi's European Trucker Jacket
: Jeans (unspotted)
: Leather Pouch
: Shirt (unspotted)
: Fenix Tk10 Flashlight in White

Day of the Moon
: All Saints Zeeda in Taupe

Day of the Moon 2
: Emerald Dress (custom)
: Long Necklace (unspotted)
: Clutch Bag (unspotted)
: Shoes (unseen)

Day of the Moon 3
: Jacket (unspotted)
: Shirt (unspotted)
: Skirt (unspotted)
: Shoes (unspotted)
: Broach (unspotted)

A Good Man Goes to War
: Period Dress (unspotted)

Let's Kill Hitler
: Colt Official Police Gun
: Silver Jericho 941F Gun
: Knee High Boots (unspotted)

Let's Kill Hitler 2
: Slip dress (unspotted)
: Nazi Hat Luftwaffe
: Breeches m35 Luftwaffe
: Nazi Tunic Luftwaffe

Closing Time
: Cloak

Wedding of River Song
: All Saints Karin Alis Jacket
: All Saints Sadoul Skirt

Angels Take Manhattan
: Corset Top (unspotted)
: Black Long Skirt (unspotted)
: All Saints Trench Coat
: Hat (unspotted)
: Black Shoe Ankle Strap w/ bow (unspotted)

The Name of the Doctor
: Jacket (unspotted)
: Dress (unspotted)
: Pants (unspotted)
: Shoes (unspotted)

Thx guys!


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